As close to the edge as we can get.

We reject the status quo. We are dissatisfied dreamers. Explorers. Epiphany junkies. Mars missions & mind shifts.


Alphadevco conceives and develops beautifully powerful, mind-blowing software: multi-platform apps and Enterprise solutions. We then launch, prove and scale them as standalone companies.


Ideas are as plentiful as the thoughts they originate from. Executing them skillfully is what matters.


We are designers, engineers, hackers and multi-disciplinary professionals driven to empower and delight people. We understand business, design, and technology; the process of navigating the complex maze that intersects all these functions to arrive at the ideal ratio of tweaking pixels to executing strategy.


There’s as much art as science in what we do. We are in the emotional transportation business. A radical responsibility to ingenuity and creativity where everything is about the user experience. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We are focused on thoughtfully delivering valuable solutions that help our users enjoy their personal lives or fluently progress through their work.


We seek new frontiers and extraordinary people with the passion to innovate and transform the way we experience our lives. The alpha origin. An inspired thought powered by the commitment to find a fresh approach to a vexing problem. To deliver a positive impact.


Our mission and markets are global. Great products that respect diverse cultures while serving common aspirations can spread around the world in the blink of an eye.


We are the revolution. The dynamic force behind everything we create.

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